Study Options


The best way to learn the language is to live in an English speaking and exotic country. While studying in Australia, you will be eligible to work part-time, this is an excellent way to gain international work experience and to network.

Vocational Studies

College (including TAFE) offer a wide range of training options for both office based work and trades. Some of the courses provided at the vocational level may allow you to apply for а temporary work visa or even apermanent visa. This option may be availableonce you have completed your studies.

University Studies

You can choose to study in some of the best universities in the world and enjoy the vibrant life on the campus.University studies are divided into four different categories: a.Bachelor Degrees. b.Master Degree by coursework. c.Master by research. d.Ph.D.

Depending on the type of degree you choose to study, your dependent partner may be eligible to work part-time or full-time.

Following the completion of your university studies, you may be eligible to apply for a work visa or a permanent visa.

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Note: You may be eligible for a free consultation with a Migration Agent if you use our services when applying for a school and a student visa. Please ask our education specialists for more information.

Skills in Demand in Australia

Once or twice a year the Australian government issues a list with the professions that are in demand in Australia. If your chosen area of study is in an area that is in demand, you may be eligible to apply to work temporarily or to live permanently in Australia. Please book a consultation for more information.

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